Into the Cauldron

from by Apothecary



Born into a euphoria, A black hollow endless space of nothingness
Gripping this cold winter night grasping for a bleak sense of existence
Blistered is my flesh but yet I feel nothing as I tear at it
Endless, my eternal gaze, I cannot turn from this cold void

I grasp for my memories faded from this callused dark figure
I feel the need to stare into you, the other thing that makes me feel whole
Your subtle beauty if a mystery, one that I wish I could uncover
This new world is dead to me, I long for your dead endless stare

Lost in darkness I am
This ground with your flesh
Insurmountable pain you inflict
Calling me back to you

This heavy winter surrounds me like plague
You keep me starving and crawling for you
I ask your name and where you've come
You tell me Void, I feed on you

This numbness spreads so fast
Eating at my bones
The silence beats like a drum
Deafening me into Oblivion
This carnal world is destructive
With all these horrors in place
I feel the cold Oblivion
And comes the death of me


from Drifting Towards the Ancients, released April 25, 2015
Guitar/vocals - Drew Holt
Guitar/Vocals - Andy Honer
Bass- Brad Moffitt
Drums - Jarrod Ives



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Apothecary Little Rock, Arkansas

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