Drifting Towards the Ancients

by Apothecary

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released April 25, 2015

Guitar/vocals - Drew Holt
Guitar/Vocals - Andy Honer
Bass- Brad Moffitt
Drums - Jarrod Ives

Clarinet - Kayla Smalley (Track 1)

Cover Art:
Adrian Baxter



all rights reserved


Apothecary Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: Fortune Doesn't Smile On the Damned
As this suffering flows through my cold dead fingers
I see all of space and time
Colliding stars explode shifting dense white power
I'm expelled through time, through space, deloused, displaced

Griping my soul, I am torn asunder
Ripping my piece from piece
Bound in darkness, Uncrowned in silence

Cauterized with this ancient fire
Ghost pain called my bleak desires

Running my hands across this open ground
I blink my sightless eyes, I feel them burning out
I hear them feeding
Track Name: Dawn On Me
Black eyes in the serpent's mouth spreads over whelming despair
The cloven hoof of the Minotaur breaks the flesh of the blackened earth
The sweat drips out of every pore, my heart racing in my throat
The red blood of my woven soul flows deep within my veins

Slow pain spreads like rampant fire
This otherworldly voice drives me away

Clenched hands on a wicked throat chocking life of the world
My shame beings to metastasize, bleeds through all the feelings I've held
Course stone under hand and foot cutting deep into my skin
A sharp pain running through my flesh, A black soul pushing its way in
Track Name: No Void to Feed on
These voices stay in the back of my mind
Keeping me from hearing myself
There lies a pit in the bottom of my soul
That needs to feel your darkness again

I feel my essence give way to my tides
I search for what I desire
This shallow soul births need for a fire
It burns so deeply inside me now
Be it wither, or rise from the ashes
These scars run deeper than time can heal
And nevermore will I wish for another
Your endless eye is what I need to feel

These branches claw at me, feasting on my flesh
I pull myself across this dead barren ground
I need to feel myself get lost in the void again
I need to lose my sense of self

A shadow nails my coffin down
And lowers me into a shallow grave
I feel no pain or remorse
I feel the need to be in the dark

My punished souls reached it end
I cannot take my life again
I thirst for cycling mists
I see you in the distance

Losing myself
Hearing your voice
Losing myself
Feeling your void
Track Name: Gamma Soul
This silence, an endless void of emotion
This cryptic, floating horror, my body's broken
This shadow cast upon this colorless ground
These creatures lurking round' this hollow woodland

This path I walk shrouded in mystery
My sanity lingers by a thread
Creature, you peer at me

Old Soulless roads, I walk in silence
Shattered memories are all I have left

Ripping and tearing my flesh, I feel pain
This horrid sorrow comes crashing back
Track Name: Into the Cauldron
Born into a euphoria, A black hollow endless space of nothingness
Gripping this cold winter night grasping for a bleak sense of existence
Blistered is my flesh but yet I feel nothing as I tear at it
Endless, my eternal gaze, I cannot turn from this cold void

I grasp for my memories faded from this callused dark figure
I feel the need to stare into you, the other thing that makes me feel whole
Your subtle beauty if a mystery, one that I wish I could uncover
This new world is dead to me, I long for your dead endless stare

Lost in darkness I am
This ground with your flesh
Insurmountable pain you inflict
Calling me back to you

This heavy winter surrounds me like plague
You keep me starving and crawling for you
I ask your name and where you've come
You tell me Void, I feed on you

This numbness spreads so fast
Eating at my bones
The silence beats like a drum
Deafening me into Oblivion
This carnal world is destructive
With all these horrors in place
I feel the cold Oblivion
And comes the death of me